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Why this site was set up?

The journey into forex trading for most of us starts the minute we set our eyes upon the charts not knowing the trials and tribulations of what lies ahead of us. The journey begins of discovering not only how the financial markets work but we discover ourselves and gain knowledge and understanding  deep within our psyche.

Forex trading for profit…

Alot of us that discover forex trading initially look to it as an easy way out of the daily life and grind of working 9-5 jobs, but soon realize its not as easy as it seems and not about just placing a buy or sell order and a fews days later make enough money to retire on.

Once this is realized potential forex traders either give up or go on trying to learn and research in their spare time taking in some cases tens of years to find a trading system that works for them. 90% of forex traders will give up in the process from the sheer financial and mental drain of loosing account after account. It is said that 95% of forex traders loose money. These are the same 95% that give up and hence why I say “those that give up are the ones that fail”. Statistically it is claimed that 90% of all business fail with in 2 years, forex trading can be classified as a business so the same trends can be applied.

To continue on as an example some friends of mine failed 3 times at setting up a Thai restaurant and all subsequently  went broke with in 2 years of business, but they didn’t give up. The fourth time they established a restaurant it became a success. Point being is, if they gave up on the 1st attempt the forth attempt would of never existed.

The road to forex trading for profit.

When I first started seeking knowledge into forex trading I didn’t know who to believe where to start and what to even look for as there is so much jargon and forex scams out there all ready and too eager to take your money. It took me years to sift through all of it to realize that I was on my own and this is where I decided I need to share my journey with others and pass on my experiences to like minded and potential forex traders whether beginners or someone searching for the truth in forex. .

There were many questions I asked my self and I became very frustrated at times when I couldn’t  find the answerers I was looking for .

  • Is forex a scam?
  • Why does one analyst say one thing and another something else ?
  • Can you really make money trading forex ?
  • What broker should I use?
  • How can I learn forex trading ?

My goal

After being involved in forex trading and becoming successful I started to get asked so many questions about forex trading, not only about how to trade but from how to choose brokers to where to place a take profit and stop loss, what indicators do I use and even to the extent of being asked to managing funds .

I decided I need to set up a blog or website and put all the information I could on here from my past experiences and knowledge accumulated though out my forex trading journey.

“The key is the difference is between retail traders and institutional traders”

My goal was to be able to reach as many people as I could and share what I discovered about Forex trading and how to avoid the losses the scams and the pitfalls. At the time of writing I am in the early stages of producing courses that will take an absolute beginner and transform them into a institutional like trader . The one thing I discovered is the difference between retail traders and institutional traders and this is the key element that will change you into a profitable trader.

I asked myself what do we trade forex for?

Some say we dont trade for money, which I found odd because why would you sacrifice your time and not be compensated for it? Others may have the concept of a means to get rich. Some just love it and couldn’t think of anything else to do either as a living or for a hobby.  Well for myself the first thing I can say is that I love it, I have a driving passion for it and, there is not a day goes by where I can avoid looking at the charts.

So why do I trade forex.

Number one reason for me was lifestyle but you cant have a great lifestyle with out making an income, so naturally the other reason which is a very important one,  is we need to “trade for profit”. We don’t trade to get rich we don’t trade for a quick solution to our debt problems and we don’t trade for enjoyment we need to – trade to make a profit – and when we can stick to this mindset is when we become profitable.

About me

First of all I’m no different than anyone else, I don’t claim to be a forex guru Im not famous or well known but desire the lifestyle of my choosing and don’t want to be locked into ” the system”. If you are reading this it was me not too long ago sitting at my PC screen seeking the info that would eventually transform my perception and my life.

My background doesn’t consist of a degree in finances in fact I didn’t even finish high school which I realize now to be a real benefit because it gave me my own way of thinking rather than being further indoctrinated by the state and a  production line for the human mind or Cookie cutter press as a friend of mine calls it.

I left high school at the age of 15 and worked in the construction industry and became licensed at 19 and have been running my own successful business until recently. Its not something I liked doing but it was bringing me a 6 figure income but as one gets older it becomes difficult to work as hard when you’re young. Back in 2009 I started leaning about websites and ended up building 2 websites for my business which are still live today. These sites ended up increasing my business profit by 50% once they reach the top position of Google and a fews years later I decided to go to college  to get a diploma of website development however I didn’t end up finishing the course due to work commitments as I still needed to earn a living but pursued my interest in website development on my own.

What led me into the world of Forex Trading?

I was in Thailand a few years back and my wife’s  cousin ( the wife is Thai) had been trading forex for a number of years and its how I was introduced to it. He had sat down with me for about 4 days and showed me how to set up a trading account a chart template and the basic fundamentals and principles of trading and then I was on my own.

What that did was sit me up to fail and I was doomed to fail the first time I funded my account. I basically jumped into the ocean without even know how to stay afloat not to mention swim. For the next year was just a constant battle of trial and error until I finally ironed out the bugs. I decided to get some kind of formal education so I enrolled into an accredited foreign exchange course and the foundations of financial planning and technical analysis. At this stage I have a certificate of generic knowledge of financial planning and foreign exchange tier 1 RG 146 certification to give general advice for foreign exchange, and in the process of attaining to be a certified technical analyst.

What do I want out of life?

My ideal life is not to be trapped in a system or controlled by the mindset of society but to be free and live a life where I could have the time for my family learn new things and eventually help others. I am a Buddhist and believe in the core Buddhist principles, I like to meditate and it has helped me along my journey through life and as a trader. Its made me see things as they truly are and taught me to control my emotions not to say that I don’t get mad anymore as I am human and its one trait that we possess.

Buddhism tells us that everything changes from moment to moment and the nature of life can be found in the charts, as price constantly changes from moment to moment , the past is past as we can see it, remember it or study it , but it cannot change it, and the future is created only by events that unfold today.

To all, welcome to my journey and may your journey take you to your goal.

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