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Blooming Aussie economy facing bearish threat as retail sales drop

5/5 (1) The Aussie dollar has been trading significantly higher against most of its major rivals from the very beginning of this month. Despite the strong bullish momentum in the AUDUSD pair, the pair dropped sharply during on last week after the retails sales missed the expected 0.2% gain. Most of the leading investors in Read the full article…

Pound crashes – Brexit all over again

No ratings yet. Pound crashes on low liquidity This morning thousands of traders woke up having their positions taken out account wiped out and being left with wondering why and how did this happen. My chart shows a low of 1.19164 on Pepperstone but has been noted to fall as low as 1.11. Lets try and Read the full article…

To Hike or not to Hike?

No ratings yet. Will the Fed’s Hike? Fed meeting on 22nd of September. Will the Feds’ hike, is the question just about all analyst’s and traders are asking. There has been nothing but talk about hiking rates in the US for over 9 months now which is creating a lot of uncertainty in the markets. Read the full article…