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Forex Analysis

Analizing the market

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Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is the study of past and current price behavior on the charts to forecast future price movements. The charts are a pictorial representation of the way the market participants respond and perceive the business conductivity and economic health of a company or a nation. The behavior of the market participants is a reflection of price on the charts.

Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis is the approach to determine the intrinsic value of a financial instrument. Price is estimated by taking economic conditions of a stock or currency and evaluating it by what price should be in comparison to its current price. Intrinsic value is effected by all sorts of Economic conditions including supply and demand, indicators, graphs and data that is released. Fundamental analysis is reliant on key data that will have a long term effect on the value of the instrument, price movement on the charts is only a reflection of economic conditions of financial markets.

Economic News

News and data gets released on a daily basis and has a direct effect on market sentiment and behavior of the market participants.  Some data can have only a temporary effect on the market while other data can have continuing effect on the market.

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