Insider trading – An elite currency trader tells all about insider trading

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Insider trading

Insider trading
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Insider trading – An elite currency trader tells all about insider trading

How deep does the rabbit hole go? – A look into Forex insider trading

All of us “Retail” Forex traders tend to always whine and complain about the insider trading that manipulate the Forex market. Insider trading is carried out by all aspects of the pyramid from the herd right up to the elite Forex traders.

Insider trading
“They” go by many name’s.

  • Market makers
  • Central  banks
  • Investment banks
  • The Illuminati
  • The Elite’s
  • The big boy’s



The truth about insider trading

Lukas Kamay, insider trading

Insider trading and those that get caught

Case study: an Australian caught for insider trading

Lukas Kamay, Christopher Hill jailed for insider trading.

To start with, I would’t call these two character’s any where near the top of the pyramid.  They are like you and me just slaves that serve as live stock for the elites.

The story goes Lukas Kamay, a Forex trader for the National Australia Bank (NAB) was receiving inside information  by an acquaintance, Christopher Hill, who worked for the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).  Lukas Kamay’s initial investment on August 13, 2013 was $1000 and just over one year later by May 9, 2014 reached a total of almost $7 million.

Kamay received $7 million in profit which is very significant as over the past 20 years in Austalia the majority of insider trading did not make much at all.

Those that are below the law will evidently get punished but, unfortunately as it is there are those that are above the law and cannot be touched.

For a detailed article on this story. >>  Financial review.

Insider trading and those that don’t get caught

So, who dont get caught for manipulating the Forex markets? Can you guess?

Its those that set and govern the rules.

Some you may or may not know but our Governments are not totally in control. Yes they control its citizens but there are those above that control the government. (See the pyramid image above)

You know that old’ saying “follow the money” ?

A small group of elites, around 8000 people rule the entire world. This may just be a conspiracy theory to some but in reality its true. Even if we take the world’s wealth by countries, America holds around 30% of the worlds wealth. Coming in second is Japan at 6% which is a huge gap to second place. Some more info can be found here.


13 bloodlines that hold the over 50% of the worlds wealth


insider trading, illuminati

1. The Astor Bloodline

2. The Bundy Bloodline

3. The Collins Bloodline

4. The DuPont Bloodline

5. The Freeman Bloodline

6. The Kennedy Bloodline

7. The Li Bloodline

8. The Onassis Bloodline

9. The Rockefeller Bloodline

10. The Russell Bloodline

11. The Van Duyn Bloodline

12. The Merovingian Bloodline

13. The Rothschild Bloodline

Insider trading and how to avoid the loses of Forex trading

Many retail Forex traders have fallen victim to mass sell off’s or appreciation of currency. Some traders have lost their entire accounts and even way beyond that ending up in a broker court action to retrieve negative balances.

Some recent examples of mass manipulation are the:

  • Swiss franc in 2015
  • British pound in 2016

These are unexpected but, only banks determine the value of a currency as its the banks alone that set the bid and asking price. Can you call banks as insider trading? One duty of central banks are to control the currency in a range that they choose. So they know and will always know where the value of the currency will go. Central banks like the Federal Reserve of America is a privately own company and too also knows where its currency is going. Don’t get it wrong the chair of the Feds (currently Janet Yellen) is like just a puppet and is only ordered what to do .

So how as retail traders avoid this mass manipulation of the “big boy’s” and insider trading scams?

  1. Dont use all your capitol trading 1 pair.
  2. Use stop losses as a safely net
  3. Dont trade around political events
  4. Dont trade around data releases
  5. Consider using a fund manager

It also starts with the right broker that has fast feeds and negative balance protection.

learn insider trading

An elite forex trader tells all about insider trading

This now brings me to a story I found about an ex elite Forex trader Ronald Bernard, that left it all due to his conscience getting the better of him. He tells a unique story how his clients were Banks. You would think that banks are the top of the food chain but it’s far from the truth say’s Ronald Bernard.

His career led him to discover the truth about how the world’s financial system works and the flows of money. Dutch born man Ronald Bernard, through his title had continuous dealings with the world secret elites. Even him himself was seen as live stock but it was his job to manage the flows of money in and out of countries and make it all look legit.

Ronald Bernard, insider trading
He talks about how he and his fellow colleges crashed the Italian lira and laughed about it. He goes on and talks about religious sacrifice and how only a few people control the entire world through money drugs and smuggling. It all sounds like one huge conspiracy theory nut job, but at the same time he comes across quite sincere and convincing.

He talks about how Oil holds the USD  value based on supply channeled through USD only, and why sanctions were put on Iraq.

Ronald Bernard speaks all about insider trading, releasing how banks intelligence agencies, Central banks, governing organizations to the likeness of United nations, are all working in together as separate bodies that manipulate the financial world.

Insider trading – the truth continues…

It’s quite a story on insider trading and like I said it all seems a nut job conspiracy theory and would be one epic Hollywood movie. See his full interview below.

He talks about the world’s financial system is based on creating debt all initiated by the elites. When a person is in debt that person is under control. This kind of debt based control also works in the grand scale. For the elites to have a grip on an entire country and its governing bodies, Bernard claims the elites will put counties into debt. If then they don’t conform they have sanctions enforced upon them.

Want to know how to profit from insider trading – stay turn for updates, and subscribe.

I will be working with a propriety trading firm in Melbourne Australia over the coming weeks. The reason why I deiced to make a post on insider trading was to inform Forex traders to be aware of the possibilities of what could go on in the world of trading.

Retail traders need is a way to beat these insider traders at their own game. Forex trading is about making money and certainly not about getting rich quick or loosing accounts. Its about making a profit and bypassing all of these insider trading scams and mass manipulation of the currency market.

Ronald Bernard speaks out and tells all about insider trading

Part 1 tells his introduction ( gets a little bit crazy with the religious talk mid way through)

Part 2 reveals the insider trading secrets. ( comming up soon)

Insider trading Part 2

Sources – Wikipedia,,, De Vrije media

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